Ponsness Warren Autodrive Dillon 1050 Super (NEW)

over 1 year ago
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Ponsness Warren 900 rpm Dillon 1050 super autodrive.
I bought 2 of them, and don't have a need for the second one. It really helps with time consuming chores like decapping, sizing, trimming..
New from Ponsness Warren delivered they're $985 now. This machine is the 900 rpm model, which I can normally just hold the power switch on, and still manually insert bullets - never been pinched. I wouldn't try that with the 1200 rpm model. The 900 rpm model is rifle loading compatible. Comes with a heavy steel base that you bolt your 1050 onto, then bolt that to your bench so you can easily switch back and forth for manual operation. Takes about 10 seconds to switch. (mine do not have the foot pedal)
New in the box unit - $875
Used one (probably about 15,000 cycles) like new condition - $775
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Dillon (Super 1050) Auto Drive
Part # AutoDr1050 - 900 Hand
All the Auto Drive's draw 4.5 Amps and plug into a standard 110 Volt outlet
The AUTO-DRIVE is easily operated by pressing the toggle switch (forward or reverse). The full pivoting system allows the arm to work in one continuous motion. If you need to reverse the system, simply flip the toggle switch to reverse and press the foot pedal.
The AUTO-DRIVE comes fully assembled and mounted on the steel base. All mounting holes are pre-drilled.