Range Brass: 5.56, .308, .40 S&W, 9mm, .45 Auto

over 1 year ago
Western Auto
Lord Kimbote
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Northwest Firearms

Hello All,
I have a surfeit of range brass and I am offering it for trade.
I have at least 1000 each of .223/5.56 (not sorted between the two), .308/7.62x51 (also not sorted), .40 S&W, .45 Auto and 9mm. This brass is mixed headstamp and varies in condition as it was picked up at a range. I anticipate adding 10% to the total amount of cases traded to make up for cases that have to be discarded (e.g if you want 200 cases, you will get 220).
I am looking to trade for some projectiles or reloading equipment at the following trade values:
10x.223/5/56 per $1
6x.308/7.62x51 per $1
9x.40 S&W per $1
12x9mm per $1
9x.45 per $1.
I am looking for:
110 gr. Barnes TAC-TX bullets (.308)
125 gr. Speer TNT (.308)
.300 BLK brass
RCBS hand priming tool
RCBS Uniflow powder measure
RCBS/Ohaus 10-10 scale
HK USP .45 12 round mags.
I figure that the shipping for a trade will even out between the two parties. I am willing to sell the brass at the same value, plus the cost of shipping.
If my prices are off, feel free to offer something via PM.
Thanks for looking.