CZ550 Kevlar Varmint 22-250 - no shipping - SF Bay Area

9 months ago
CZ550 Kevlar Varmint 22-250 - no shipping - SF Bay Area
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Kevlar Varmint
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Palo Alto
$800 ( + $700 for scope)
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Other info:
This rifle has 200-300 rounds through it, I haven't really kept track.
I only shot it at the range once, to sight in the scope, and the rest has been varminting.
It is pictured with a Bushnell Elite 4.5-30x50 with the Mil Dot reticle (654305MD).
I like the scope, but I'll include it for an extra $700.
(The best price I found for one on a quick search was $820)
The rings I'll include for free, as my other CZ550 has iron sights.
I'll also include 2 NIB magazines, which cost about $55 each, and I believe they are discontinued so they might get hard to find soon.
I couldn't get the camera to focus on the throat, but it looks pretty good to me.
22-250 has a reputation as a barrel burner, but it should still have a lot of life in it.
My understanding is that you only wear them out if you rapid fire, but the shooting I do is usually 2-3 shots then plenty of time to cool off.
I've only shot 45 grain bullets through it, mostly white box Winchester since it liked them a lot when I was sighting it in, but it is a slow twist (1/14) so I don't know how well it would work with heavier ones.
I like the 45 for varminting because they are light enough to be fast but hit harder than the little 35s.
I don't recall exactly how tight the groups were at the range, but it hits squirrels out to 250 yards every shot if I do my part.
Why am I selling it?
TBH, it is just too heavy and long for the shooting I do.
It is over 10 lbs and the barrel is 25.6 inches.
The shooting I do, you roll around in an ATV, jump out and shoot off a stump or rock for a couple shots, then back in the ATV to the next spot.
It is also too bulky for stalking in the woods.
If I was either at the range or varminting off a bench in one place for extended period, then it would be perfect.
I also hunt deer and pigs, and I'd like to only have to carry one rifle, but with the slow twist I don't think it would like the big 70 grain bullets that I'd use for that.
But I have fallen in love with 22-250, so I'm having a custom, short barrel, faster twist one built that should be able to run the bigger bullets but still be decent with the 45s.
(I know the heavy ones are longer, but I'm using AI magazines and having the ramps cut to allow them to feed)
Note that it is not the smoothest action, and I've occasionally had a round that just did not want to chamber without a little force, but it has never FTF or had any other issues.
My other CZ is similar.
Also the trigger is set pretty light, but there is a screw to adjust it.
It is further adjustable if you take the action out of the stock, but it feels pretty good so I didn't bother.
And I don't have a spare case, so you would have to bring one to the FFL since they require them to be in one.
As for the price, I can't find many of these used anywhere.
I saw a couple in the $800-900 range, and the laminate stock version are in the $700s, but I don't know if people are actually paying that much.
I'm including rings and 2 spare magazines, so $800 seems fair to me, but it is OBO as long as it is reasonable.
Here is a review on the kevlar 22-250 Varmint:
If you have questions about the set trigger or anything else, send me a PM.