LRI 6.5 creedmoor, proof barrel, remington action

over 1 year ago
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Long Range Hunting

I have a 6.5 creedmoor that I am looking to sell.
I am the second owner, bought it from the original owner who had it build in January of this year.
Here's a brief rundown on it:
New build in January - 100 rounds through it
Remington action- trued, fluted, bolt knob installed, Oversized recoil lug
Manners EH1 stock - black forest color - has pillars, need to be installed and bedded
Proof Sendero lite contour - 24", 1-8 twist
Chambered for 143gr eld-x
Threaded 5/8x24
Nightforce 20 moa steel rail
Cerakoted McMillan Olive
Timney Calvin Elite Trigger
Load development - 42gr imr 4451, Hornady brass, Winchester primer, 2.18" to ogive
1.25" 3 shot group at 400 yards
Bdl bottom metal
Previous owner had it in a heavy McMillan adjustable stock, so I ordered the Manners and bolted it together but haven't had the pillars installed or had it bedded.
I'm not going to spend that money unless I decide to keep it.
Wanted to see what it would weigh with talley lightweights and the lighter stock - 7lbs 7 oz without the scope.
I already have another 6.5 creedmoor and really don't need this one.
Looking to get $3,050 for it ($50 should cover shipping)- includes cerakoted night force 20 moa rail - does not include pictured scope or talley lightweights .
It's a proven shooter with the above mentioned load - 1/4 moa at 400 yards.
Please feel free to ask any questions but prefer to sell to fund a 338 lapua build.