Pre-64 NEVER FIRED 300 Win Mag

about 1 year ago
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Long Range Hunting

Submitted for your review, I have a pre-64 300 Winchester Magnum that I'm putting up for sale.
This was my brother's rifle, however, it was never shot and so it doesn't have quite the same meaning to me as other rifles I have of his which I will not be selling.
There's not much to say about this rifle because it sat in a gun safe for years.
It's NEVER been fired. Yes, friend we're talking totally virgin.
While I don't have the rifle in front of me right now I can tell you the wood is nearly flawless.
Anything that is there would be minimal.
The buttpad is dirty from having sat for so long but, that's life.
Price is $3500 OBO.
Yeah, price is hefty but compared to an undriven pre-64 Corvette, it's entirely reasonable.
Pictures follow.