WTS- Winchester 70 Classic Stainless 270 Wby- Winlite stock

over 1 year ago
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Long Range Hunting

Decided to downsize my caliber choices, so selling my Winchester 70 Stainless Classic in 270 Weatherby. 24" barrel. Weighs about 7lb 4oz on my scale. It's in a Winlite Mcmillan fiberglass stock that's been bedded and has a 13" LOP (could be extended with thicker pad or spacer if longer LOP is needed).
I bought it used about 10 years ago setup like this, so don't have any other history on it. I've only shot factory ammo in it (Remington and Norma). I've sighted it in with both ammo in ~1" groups but from there I shoot steel from hunting positions, so it might be capable of better is someone spent time developing for it. I have maybe 6 boxes of ammo through it since I've owned it. Plenty accurate enough for hunting...
It's been my go to deer rifle for years, so has honest hunting wear (scratches and some paint wear on stock)but nothing major. I have some RCBS dies and several boxes of 1x fired brass available to buyer at add'l cost.
Looking for $900 shipped on the rifle to your FFL in lower 48
from an individual. Please PM for any questions or to make an offer.