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Item, Location, Will Ship/No Shipping
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[b]Make: SAI
[b]Model: M1A Standard
[b]Caliber: 308
[b]Location: Tracy,CA
[b]Price: 1725
[b]Will ship Y
Happy Wed all!
I am selling off one of my M14 clones to fund some of my other builds.
I bought this last year to celebrate my deployment to the civilian world and sent it off to Jon Wolfe to install a 18.5" Med/Heavy Criterion Non Chrome Barrel. Since I got it back Ive fire a total of 200 rounds through it. It is a hammer! It was installed in one of My Sage Stocks, but that stock is saved for my 5R build. Sitting in a nice USGI Stock. Love the rifle but too many projects on the burner, my loss, your win. First Ill take it post followed by a PM gets this awesome rifle.
The Receiver is a SAI Preban 84xxx Receiver and left SAI as a standard build in 1994.
The Trigger group is a HR-N marked housing with a BR Hammer, "National Match " Trigger job perfromed by Jon Wolfe
OpRod is a USGI SA
Bolt is a Winchester
DRC Marked Windage Knob
H mark under the butt plate indicates it as H&R Stock
Will include (1) 10 round magazine.
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