For Sale: LRB M14SA, Ted Brown, USGI parts, Krieger barrel $2200 (San Francisco)

over 5 years ago
For Sale: LRB M14SA, Ted Brown, USGI parts, Krieger barrel $2200 (San Francisco)
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I'm selling an LRB M-14/M1A rifle with USGI parts, assembled by Ted Brown (of Shooters Den, The rifle is chambered for .308 Winchester and shoots 7.62x51 (7.62 NATO) just fine too. Note that the barrel is 18.5" long, which is shorter than the M14 standard.
Parts are as follows:
LRB M14SA receiver, serial 029xx, with stripper clip guide
Krieger chrome moly medium weight barrel (see pic for details - the text on the barrel is 'KRIEGER BARRELS 3R1004729 .308 WIN 1-11' so the twist is 1:11
GI TRW bolt
GI rear sight, SAI national match front sight
GI trigger group (TRW, except for HRA safety and SA hammer)
GI operating rod (HRA), operating rod guide, operating rod spring guide
GI gas cylinder, gas plug gas lock, castle nut
SAI muzzle brake
GI walnut stock with DOD cartouche and proof mark
GI walnut handguard (I also have a non-vented plastic one if you prefer)
Superior Shooting Systems/Tubb Precision CS operating rod & trigger group hammer springs
2 10-round magazines (I have more magazines if you're interested)
It's in excellent condition and I've shot exactly 200 rounds of PMC bronze and 140 rounds of Radway Green through it in 2 sessions with no problems whatsoever - the weapon has worked perfectly every time, and it's been well cared for and stored properly.
I'm the second owner - it was practically new when I bought it from the original owner in May 2011 who said it had been test fired, but that he hadn't fired it himself.
I'm asking $2500 $2400 $2300 $2200 for it now. Not interested in trades, but I'm open to reasonable offers. Buyer pays the DROS & transfer fees.
This is for a FTF transfer, cash only, in the San Francisco bay area. I would prefer Jackson Arms, but I'm open to other FFL locations depending on distance etc.
Thanks for looking and have a great day!