Multiple Long Guns, All Must Go

over 3 years ago

					Multiple Long Guns, All Must Go
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I have decided to sell several long guns that are not being used.
I purchased all of these used and do not know round counts on these firearms.
They all appear to have been stored most of their lives and shot very little.
Some have handling marks and others appear to be brand new.
I do not need any of these guns and have decided to sell all of them.
I tried to price them fair; however, I am open to offers.
Please do not lowball me as I do not have to sell any of these guns.
I do not have any of the boxes but all of them will come in a gun sock or soft case.
I am located in Central Indiana (Henry County)
1. Winchester Model 94 in .32 Winchester SPC.
20" barrel.
2. Marlin Model 1894 in .44 Rem Magnum with 20" barrel.
3. Marlin Model 66 in .22 Caliber.
Stainless barrel with laminate stock.
Stainless Simmons Scope.
I believe this gun has never been fired as action is still zip tied shut.
4. Savage Model 99 in .300 Savage.
5. Remington 870 Wingmaster in 12G.
Excellent condition.
6. Remington 1100LW 20G.
Excellent condition with etched receiver.
7. Steven Model 311A 12G SXS Double Barrel.
Minor pitting on barrel and chip on bottom of stock.
8. Sears Model 200 20 G pump with adjustable choke.
In fair condition.
All prices are negotiable, I tried to price the guns fair but if you feel I am way off on something feel free to send me a PM.
I will respond to PM's as frequently as possible.
I will remove items or mark SPF as soon as agreements are made.
Thanks for looking.