/OR Winchester 1897 Takedown 12ga Project Gun

over 2 years ago
 /OR Winchester 1897 Takedown 12ga Project Gun
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Northwest Firearms
Longview, WA

So I'm selling my 1897 home defense 12ga lovingly called "The Hambergler".
The 18.5" barrel on it throws quite a spread!
It is a functioning and firing gun, but I'm selling it as a parts gun because the pump arm can sometimes slide loose from the bolt, most likely caused by the awesome cowboy slam-fire action!!!
The stock has a small crack that has been pinned, and it has a recoil pad installed.
The front wood has seen better days, and in my youth, I polished the brown off the front half, but the patina is returning over the years.
It is a takedown model, so the polished parts could easily be replaced.
She's not winning any beauty contests, but she has character!
If anyone could use this to fix up one of their 1897, or knows how to fix this one ship-shape, I'm asking $260.
Or I'd consider trading for a Handi-Rifle Or Rossi Combo.
Possibly a Savage 320 Or 350.
Can meet between Longview and Vancouver.
Sale to residents only through FFL (thanks stupid voters...)