Winchester Model 94, 1895 date rifle. $1,000.

over 3 years ago
 Winchester Model 94, 1895 date rifle. $1,000.
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I have a Winchester model 1894 up for sale. It is a second year of production rifle, 1895 based on the serial number recordings available. It is in .30WCF (30-30).
It is in good usable condition if that is your goal with this rifle. Dings and wear are pictured, the worst thing is the small split in the fore end (pictured). I can take and send pictures of any areas for interested parties.
It doesn't have some spectacular history, it was in a friend of mine's family for 3 generations.
I am not a rifle historian or serious collector of older firearms, so I have only limited information from what I am able to drum up on the almighty google.
I am asking $1,000 and am pretty firm.
I'd be happy to mail to an FFL out of state, on your dime.
I'll send an image of the serial number for serious buyers that are interested in verifying age prior to purchase.