Over & under 26" Spanish Zabala Hermanos with ingraving

over 2 years ago
Over & under 26" Spanish Zabala Hermanos with ingraving
Available on
Cal Guns
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l have had the Gun for over 10 years,
l have always owned multiple Shutguns but only shoot 2 maybe 3 times a year and l only take one of the 3 . This gun has maybe shot under 200 rounds
I have included pictures of the Gun as well as the few bumps.
Tristar is the importer but now all their stuff is Turkish which l am not a fan of. The gun itself came with 2 chokes lC and M SCREWED in and the removal tool,
but no additional chokes. You can get them from Tristar, l belive they use Browning or Benelli ( Bottom Threads) . I lost the originl Manual which basically said nothing but l have the old box that it sits into in 2 pieces.
It has selective fire so you decide whether you want to shoot top 1st or Bottom 1st. The impact from the 1st Shot loads the second Shot.
I use IC for the Bottom Barrel say for a Rising Bird and Modified Top Barrel
on the top Barrel for a bird going away. I shot it two weeks at Oak tree and it performed flawless. It also Does have Extractors BUT no Ejectors (again not a fan).
l was offred $550 and politely declined. I am not in the need of cash and if it wasnt for the fact l dont shoot alot, have 2 others and rather have it go to someone who would enjoy it more l would keep it. Feel free to call or text for more info. 81816403303.
Here is the little info l was able to get in Zabala Hermanos. They have some nice side by sides.
It is too bad how With popularity of rifles and Pistols Shotguns are on their way out with the Young crowd. My 1st gun was a .22 but l never fell in love with ahooting till l got my Remington 870 and went hunting.
1 advise l can give a new over and under shooter is Do not think about which Barrel you are shooting.
Just point like its a Single Barrel and shot the bird. The 26" well balanced Barrel on this makes it super fun for skeet and Upland Birds.
I can meet at Burbank Gun world or Turners Reseda or any other location near by.
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