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7.62X54R SPAM CANS,Russian,Bulgarian,Chine... Okay, cleaning out a corner. All spam cans 440 rounds each of surplus military ammo. The three pack of Bulgarian and Russian cans in the first picture $400 for all three. The next picture is 2 cans. A can of Chinese?, and a can of 1945 Russian lead core, I believe this has no steel core. $200 ea...
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WTS WTT Chinese 7.62x39 1200 round case. Just opened this case to see what flavor was in it. This is Jing An Chinese 7.62x39 non-corrosive ammo, factory 71, 1993. $400 for 1200 round case.  
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7.62X54R SPAM CANS of surplus ammo 7.62X54R Russian and Bulgarian surplus ammo, 147grain light ball, I think it's all steel core. Spam Cans of 440 rounds each for $150 each or cases of 2 spam cans for $880 rounds for $250 each.  
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13 Mosins,M39s,M39 sneak, M27s,M38, M91/59... I would like to make some room and get rid of all of these. I also have a bunch of AMMO...... I have 2 M91/59s-- 4 Finn M39s,one is a 1968"sneak" import marked 98/22 8mm CZECHO----2 Finn M27s-- 1 nice laminated M38,-- 1 polish 1953 T44 unissued,-- 1 really nice Izzy 1948 M44,--2 1917 Remington Mo...
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Pre 89 Ban Chinese AK 84S-3A Pre-89 ban Norinco 84S-3A. All stock numbers matching. These are pretty rare even for a pre-ban Chinese AK. They are Chambered in 5.56 and will of course shoot .223 also. This model came with a NATO length stock. Chrome lined barrel is mint. Rifle shows very little use. This is from my personal c...
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WTS OR 7.62X54R 440 rnd tins 10 tins $1250 7.62x54R 440 rnd. spam cans for $1250 for all 10. $150 a can for less than 10. Light ball FMJ surplus with corrosive primers. Labels there in the picture so you can look it up same as me. It will all be 1979-1982 vintage. I'm at 98638 but will consider meeting for purchase of all ten. Thanks  
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6 very collectable Mosin rifles $1500 So these are all #s matching including magazine floor plates. All have good bores, none are counterbored. All are unusual because model and or condition. If you want to start collecting Mosins here's a nice collection at a good price. Don't ask me a bunch of questions unless you are really intere...
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Acog Trijicon new 3x30 red .308 BDC dual i... This is a brand new unused Acog Trijicon new 3x30 red .308 BDC reticule model 400022 withTA60 mount. It doesn't need any batteries and works day or night. Reticle lit by fiber optic by day and tritium by night. These are the best optics around for toughness and no maintenance. The TA60 mount moun...
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Subject Price Brand Price Found
Crimson Trace Taurus Millineium Pro, w/ Holster (LG-493-H) $209.00 - 5 hours ago
7.62X54R SPAM CANS,Russian,Bulgarian,Chinese,Hungarian HBSC $400.00 Other over 1 year ago
WTS WTT Chinese 7.62x39 1200 round case. $711,993.00 Jing An over 1 year ago
7.62X54R SPAM CANS of surplus ammo $250.00 Other over 1 year ago
13 Mosins,M39s,M39 sneak, M27s,M38, M91/59s,T44,M44,1917 $27.00 Remington almost 2 years ago
Pre 89 Ban Chinese AK 84S-3A $30.00 Norinco about 2 years ago
WTS OR 7.62X54R 440 rnd tins 10 tins $1250 $1,250.00 FMJ over 2 years ago
6 very collectable Mosin rifles $1500 $1,500.00 Remington about 3 years ago
Acog Trijicon new 3x30 red .308 BDC dual illum. withTA60 ... $950.00 Heckler & Koch over 3 years ago