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AR 15 ANDERSON all new 18inch spiral fluted barrel 223 wydle chamber 8 twist mid length gas system. nickel boron bolt carrier. A2 STOCK . Anderson flag receiver and lower kit + trigger adjuster around 4 pounds. 10 inch keymod with 3 extra rails and hardware . fired 3 time to test function ran perfect. 600 +shi...
Forum: Varmint Hunters
all new build AR .ANDERSON built for long range guarantee MOA. Accuracy with quality ammo. boron nitrate m16 bolt/carrier. .875 24inch fluted target 11 degree crown 223 wydle chamber 8 twist. 4 pound trigger $ 700 shipped lower 48 ! new unfired.
Forum: Varmint Hunters
6.5 grendel nice 6.5 gendel 16 inch 8 twist m4 barrel big godalful muzzle brake/DNA collector slim line free float forearm luth-ar skullton stock 2 10 round mags one still in plastic. would make a killer deer rifle ! shoot great ! 100 rounds fired with handload under an inch group $725 to your FFL or...
Forum: Varmint Hunters
custom built AR upper complete Anderson receiver T marked free float ultra slim key mod handguard with 3 rails with 18 inch fluted heavy barrel mid length gas system 223 wylde chamber 1/8 twist m16 Boron nitrate bolt/carrier. all new $465 to your door super nice build
Forum: Varmint Hunters
6.5 grendel upper 6.5 grendel 16 inch m4 upper complete with thread protector fired 40 or 50 rounds no issues. with 49 rounds of brass and new hornady dies 50 or so bullets 2 mags one still in plastic. shot right at MOA cosistantly with h322 and varget. one extra rail not in pic. bipod scope and lower NOT INCL...
Forum: Varmint Hunters
anderson 6.5 grendel anderson 6.5 grendel 1/8 twist 16 inch barrel m4 taper with thread protector around 30 40 rounds down the tube moa or better with hand loads luth-ar stock ke-ymod forend with 2 rails .....scop/rail/bipod NOT included $750 plus shipping
Forum: Varmint Hunters
17 remington 700BDL NICE clean rifle has not be shot alot glass bedded/floated trigger job 1lb or so shoots solid moa well over 1000 assorted bullets 100 rounds of Nosler brass most unfired and lee collet dies all for $650....shown with jewell trigger (optional).
Forum: Varmint Hunters
new 204R AR wilson combat barrel wilson 18 inch 12 twist fluted barrel/gas set up slim line forend 6 p stock anderson closed trigger lower Ambi charge handle magpul grip boron nitride bolt/carrier. $1000 ...super nice outfit !
Forum: Varmint Hunters
cooper M22 varmint extreme 6BR gun is 6 months old ! jard trigger set at 8oz it'll go to 2oz they say. factory trigger included Weaver style bases from cooper. AAA walnut. 14 twist ss barrel 600 rounds on it. never been hot. 150 pieces of Lapua brass. redding Match S die set. $2100 + shipping of your choice. most excellent sh...
Forum: Varmint Hunters
all new build Anderson 6.8 spc ll tactical... 24 inch SS fluted target barrel .930 at muzzle 11 degree crown m-16 bolt/carrier vented hand guard Velocity 3lb drop in trigger unit LuthAR MBA1 Adjustable stock 1-25 round ASC MAG 1-10 round ASC mag forward assist upper $950 + shipping to FFL FROM FFL scope and mount NOT included. c...
Forum: Varmint Hunters
Subject Price Brand Price Found
Thompson Center Encore 270 Win Carbine Barrel With Scope ... $400.00 - 5 hours ago
AR 15 ANDERSON all new - Other 7 months ago
all new build AR .ANDERSON $700.00 Other 10 months ago
6.5 grendel $525.00 Grendel 12 months ago
custom built AR upper complete $465.00 Other about 1 year ago
6.5 grendel upper $550.00 Protector about 1 year ago
anderson 6.5 grendel $750.00 Protector over 1 year ago
17 remington 700BDL $650.00 Remington almost 2 years ago
new 204R AR wilson combat barrel $1,000.00 Other about 2 years ago
cooper M22 varmint extreme 6BR $2,100.00 Other about 2 years ago
all new build Anderson 6.8 spc ll tactical sniper $950.00 FMJ over 2 years ago