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Reloading supplies,powder, brass, primers,... Brass Roughly 1000 pieces of 9mm- $20 Roughly 1000 pieces of 223/556-$30 Roughly 2000 pieces of 40-$25 At least 400 pieces of 270-$25 Powder 3, 1lb Titegroup-$15 each 1, 1lb HS-6-$10 1, 1lb Win 231-$15 Primers 2, 1000ct CCI small pistol primers-$20 each 2, 1000ct CCI No. 41-$25 each Bullets Rough...
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Beretta A300 Outlander Synthetic Brand New-Hasn't even come out of the box yet! 12ga, 28" Barrel Selling due to overspending on other purchases/activites. $575  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
EOTech HHS III 518.2 Holographic Red Dot W... Brand New, Purchased for my Sig 556 but too tall for it. AA non NV model. You likely already know the rest of the details about this optic. $825 No trades (unless I'm getting one hell of a bargain)  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
HOWA 1500 .308 Long Range 20" Fluted barrel Bell & Carlson stock Bipod Low Round Count <200 rounds Well Maintained Plano all weather foam cutout case With Scope: Meopta 4.5-14 "Z-target" with external turrets ($900 scope) $1000 Firm Without Scope: $700 Need to sell before Thurs the 28th at noon, otherwise its com...
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Weatherby 270 Win Vanguard "Sub Moa" Model Riding in a Bell & Carlson stock, this tack driver would love to accompany you on your next hunt. Topped with nice leupold rings, and a simple bushnell 3-9 scope to get you going. $425 Firm, in Eugene.  
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Ruger 10/22 Ruger 10/22 In Hogue Stock Price: $250 OBO Barrel: Standard Magazine: 10 round # of Magazines: One (1) Stock: Hogue heavy barrel model Round count: unknown Optics: None Box/Case: None Bought the stock in the eventuality that I would by a TacSol or ValQ barrel but other projects came first...
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Like New CZ 75 SP01 Tactical CZ 75 SP01, mostly rides in the safe, Excellent condition 2 Mags and Box Cash Price: $675 Will trade for, (In order of priority): P226 P229 Other pistols in 9mm Semi Auto Shotguns  
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Howa 1500 .308 Howa 1500 w/scope base $900 OBO Barrel: Heavy, Fluted Barrel Length: 20" Twist: 1 in 10 Magazine: 5 round # of Magazines: Internal Stock: Bell & Carlson Medalist (#2998) in Olive Drab Round count: 20 Optics: None, could put something inexpensive on for another $40 Box/Case: None...
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Springfield XDS plus extras Excellent condition, 5 mags, mag holster, Brand New holster, and box $475 Trades: Glock 43, thats it.  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Sig Sauer ACP (Adaptive Carbine Platform) Got cause it looked cool but would rather have cash $125 OBO  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
38/357, 40, 45acp reloading supplies No longer reload these calibers and would like to get some money/goods to put towards other projects. .38spl/.357 mag Brass mixed uncounted, say $30 Bullets were made from recaptured lead $20 .40s&w Rainier LeadSafe Bullets 40 S&W, 10mm Auto (400 Diameter) 155 Grain Plated F...
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Vortex Vortex 8x36 R/T Tactical Monocular ... Cool little optic, new in box. It has a ranging reticle. Only selling for extra christmas cash Price: $90 Location: Eugene  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Kodiak Island Series Gun Case Double rifle, hard case. Everything is in working order, but i have no idea what the combination for the case is. Pretty good condition, some bumps and bruises.  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Leupold VXR 3-9 W/Green Dot Bought because I thought I was going to scope a rifle but have decided against the lower magnification. Looking for something with at least 15 on the high end, preferably in FFP. Comes with original turret and 2 caliber specific (.223 &.308) Stock image: Please go here for more info...
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LNIB Browning A5 (New model) 3.5" LNIB New model Browning A5 with 30" Barrel and 3.5" chamber Has only 50 rounds through it. Will abide buy Oregon laws: If buyer pays asking price I will pay for the transfer fees. (In Eugene or Springfield) $1150 OBO  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
LNIB Browning A5 (New Model) 3.5 Chamber & 30" barrel 100 rounds through it, comes with box For Eugene (Or Greater area residents only) Three hour Special, Will unpost listing at midnight. $950  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Sig P938 Sig 938 with very low round count, box, two mags, one extended and one flush. $600 Will not sell after Saturday, OR residents only, prefer people with CHL's.  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Ruger Security Six Ruger Security Six manufactured ~1980 .357 Mag in pretty good condition, no rusting or pitting but some light bluing loss. 4" Barrel $380 (Gun Only) Not a huge revolver guy and bought it on a whim but is just going to sit in the safe.  
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CZ 75 SP 01 Tactical Double/single action with decocker Night Sights Rail Very Low Round Count-LNIB With a free box of Hornady Critical Duty JHP $700 OBO Will trade for: Sig P226 in 9mm OR Remington 1100 Magnum(or 1187) with chokes+ 3-4 hundred on your end That is all. Thanks.  
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Maxus Maple 12GA None are currently available for sale that i have found. 300 Rounds through it, LNIB. Revamping gun collection. Only will sale to Oregon residents, with valid ID, (CHL preferable) BILL OF SALE REQUIRED $1250 OBO,PM with other questions From Browning: RECEIVER Strong, lightweight aluminum ...
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Ruger SR22 LNIB SR22-BLACK $300 Pretty Firm, but want to sell PP before i cant anymore  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Sig 556xi Lightly fired, piston driven platform, in excellent if not like new condition. 556xi (5.56 Nato) with original box and red/green 4 dot pattern sight, $1140 OBO selling PP while i still have the opportunity to do so!  
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Ruger SR22P LNIB Black SR22p, two mags and manual, dont know if i still have the box. Want to trade for, 9mm's, 12ga's or a 308 action, or anything else you may want to offer. Ideally i would like a Remington 1100 I will not consider poor condition, taurus, or keltec firearms. OREGON RESI...
Forum: Northwest Firearms
Subject Price Brand Price Found
Sitka Dakota Pant $229.00 - 7 minutes ago
Reloading supplies,powder, brass, primers, bullets $15.00 Remington almost 2 years ago
Beretta A300 Outlander Synthetic $575.00 Beretta about 2 years ago
EOTech HHS III 518.2 Holographic Red Dot W/Magnifier $825 $825.00 Sig Sauer about 2 years ago
HOWA 1500 .308 Long Range $700.00 Other over 2 years ago
Weatherby 270 Win Vanguard "Sub Moa" Model $425.00 Leupold over 2 years ago
Ruger 10/22 $250.00 Ruger over 2 years ago
Like New CZ 75 SP01 Tactical $675.00 Khan Shotguns over 2 years ago
Howa 1500 .308 $900.00 Other over 2 years ago
Springfield XDS plus extras $475.00 Glock over 2 years ago
Sig Sauer ACP (Adaptive Carbine Platform) $125.00 JP Sauer over 2 years ago
38/357, 40, 45acp reloading supplies $25.00 Western Auto over 2 years ago
Vortex Vortex 8x36 R/T Tactical Monocular with MRAD Rangi... $90.00 Other over 2 years ago
Kodiak Island Series Gun Case - Rock Island over 2 years ago
Leupold VXR 3-9 W/Green Dot - Leupold over 2 years ago
LNIB Browning A5 (New model) 3.5" $1,150.00 Springfield almost 3 years ago
LNIB Browning A5 (New Model) $950.00 Browning almost 3 years ago
Sig P938 $600.00 Sig Sauer almost 3 years ago
Ruger Security Six $380.00 Ruger almost 3 years ago
CZ 75 SP 01 Tactical $700.00 Remington about 3 years ago
Maxus Maple 12GA $1,250.00 Browning about 3 years ago
Ruger SR22 $300.00 Ruger about 3 years ago
Sig 556xi $1,140.00 Sig Sauer about 3 years ago
Ruger SR22P $1,100.00 Remington over 3 years ago