Benchmade 757BK Vicar & AFCK in ATS-34

almost 3 years ago
Benchmade 757BK Vicar & AFCK in ATS-34
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Shipping to the 50 United States Preferred. Will consider Shipping to Canada and Australia if terms are agreed upon. Paypal Goods Only. I cover shipping and Paypal fees (within US 50).
No Trades Please. By purchasing you assume all liability and responsibility for purchasing, owning, and using the items in compliance with your local laws. You must be at least 18 to purchase! I reserve the right to sell, or not sell to whom ever I want.
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Benchmade 757BK Vicar:
Just got this sold to me NIB.
It does indeed look and feel that way.
Box is a little banged up but still in good shape.
Action is smooth.
Lock up is very good.
Slight wiggle if you pull hard at the tip.
Haven't tried to adjust it.
Centering looks spot on.
Bevel is a tad off.
Nothing a sharpening won't fix.
The rest of the Fit/Finish looks great.
I've been buying more Benchmades recently to give the newer models a try.
This one just isn't for me. Comes with Box, Bag, & paper work.
Price: $225.
AFCK in ATS-34: I bought this last year.
Carried it some, used it way less.
Has been disassembled, cleaned, and rust protected with Tuff-Cloth.
Blade has been sharpened but is in very good shape.
Action is smooth especially considering it runs on the old style washers.
Lock up is still solid after all these years.
Centering is a tad off.
Old school logo and ATS-34 Steel.
A true classic.
I just don't carry it enough so it needs a new home. Just the knife. Price: $225.
Take both for $430
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