Benchmade Barrage (g10/s30v)

over 2 years ago
Benchmade Barrage (g10/s30v)
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1. First unconditional "I'll take it" gets it. Asking a question does not constitute you right to the knife.
2. You must be over 18 years of age and be following all your state and local laws. I can refute any sale of you are not following laws.
3. When the knife is in your possession, I am not responsible for any injury or legal issues you come into. I'm not liable for the knife in your possession.
4. The price listed is firm. I'll ignore lowballers.
5. Contact me at [email protected] or (734)301-6287
Don't send money until I have confirmed sale with you.
7. If you can't agree to these rules, then please don't buy anything- thanks!
Unlikely trades but will hear out- ships on Tuesday!
Benchmade 580bk-2 this one was lightly carried and used. It's centered almost perfect,
barley any blade wear at all. Locks up solid. Opens fast. Biggest issue is just some light clip wear.
Lock sticks just the smallest amount- barley noticeable but I wanted to mention. $140 gift (145 goods)
Sorry for bad photos- I'll send more if needed
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