Price Drop: FSOT Benchmade 760BK LFTI; Reground by Josh at REK

over 2 years ago
Price Drop: FSOT Benchmade 760BK LFTI; Reground by Josh at REK
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Hey guys, just as the title states, I am moving along my baby; I've only carried it once. I bought the knife with a less than perfect sharpening job so I sent it off to Josh at Razor Edge as he's one of the best in the business. We agreed to add a top swedge/false edge, sharpen to 18 DPS and took the finish to a nice 220 grit. Here is a link to Josh's pics of the knife (just scroll down about half way).
Like I mentioned, I carried the knife once. I was opening a box at my girlfriend's at the time and I gracefully dropped it. It landed butt first then bounced sideways on the tip kind of marring it. I emailed Josh immediately and he said he'd take care of it no problem. The issue: ex girlfriend. Long story short I just got the knife back in my possession. I haven't emailed Josh since as this was at least 3 months ago. I'm sure if you or I contacted him he'd still handle it. His word is that good fellas; excellent communication and service. I'll include some pics of the tip. I'm making it sound much worse than it is as it was only the tip of the tip. Still capable of piercing samurai armor. Easily. This knife is a damn laser. Sharpest knife I own and I did have to touch up the tip for obvious reasons. 95% of the edge is Josh's original work though.
Overall condition is good. Few snails, mark where the knife hit the ground butt first. I have the clip, it just isn't installed. Also, normal detent for these knives. Comes with a 531 box however. The Ti beads aren't included but we can definitely work something out. (I didn't want to cut the lanyard)
Asking $215. Feel free to shoot me a cash offer. I pay shipping and cover PayPal fees. I'm looking to trade into something that I own't feel guilty using. Maybe a Wharnie Hinderer or an SnG or a Gavko. I'm also looking for a CRK Mnandi. I will consider other folder trades so PM me your offer
If purchased today I can ship today, otherwise I can't ship till Monday or Tuesday.
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