REDUCED! CRK, Microtech, LionSteel, ZT, Spyderco, Benchmade, DPX Hest

about 3 years ago
REDUCED! CRK, Microtech, LionSteel, ZT, Spyderco, Benchmade, DPX Hest
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My wife and I are looking at some unexpected medical bills and I need to part with these guys. I know I don't have feedback yet, I have bought several knives through the forum, but have rarely had to sell. I am pricing the knives WITHOUT boxes or paperwork, I hardly keep them because I never planned on selling them and they don't matter to me whatsoever. I know I have the boxes for a few of these, and if i can find them I will send them along. I am the first owner of all of these with the exception of the Sage and the Gayle Bradley, both of which came through trades on the forum. The Sage was customized by a forum member. I will try to describe each knife the best I can, please don't hesitate to send me any questions or requests for extra pics to [email protected]
First I'll take it followed by paypal friends & family or goods plus 3.5% payment to [email protected]
I will cover shipping and insurance. US only please and I'm not looking for any trades at this time, thank you for looking.
KnifeArt Small Sebenza 21 Carbon Fiber. I have carried but never used this knife, perfect centering and lockup, pristine blade, some wear blue thumbstuds. $275
Chris Reeve Sebenza 25. Blade is sharp and has factory edge, has cut a few pieces of cardboard. I stonewashed the handle. Perfect centering and lockup. $325
Microtech DOC S30V Stonewashed Black Aluminum. Brand new, never carried or used. Not broken in yet. $225
LionSteel SR2A Black aluminum. Has been carried, but I don't think it has cut a thing. Centering is a hair to the show side, perfect lockup. $sold
LionSteel TiSpine Satin Bronze. Has been carried but never used. Some tiny spots on clip. Great centering and lockup. $225
Spyderco Sage. Customized by a forum member. Acid stonewashed blade, Jade green anodized and stonewashed handle. $125
Spyderco Gayle Bradley. Has Been carried and cut a couple pieces of cardboard, has sharp factory edge. A couple of tiny patina spots on the blade and a tiny bit of wear on the black clip. Perfect centering and great lockup. One of my favorite Spydercos. $sold
Spyderco Domino Blue Carbon Fiber. Brand new, never carried or used. $sold
Benchmade Nakamura 484-1 Carbon Fiber. Brand new, never carried or used. Centering a hair off. $180
ZT 0561 Bronze clip, XM 18 LB Stabalizer, perfect centering and early lockup. $125
ZT 0562 G10. Has been carried and cut some cardboard, perfect centering and lockup, great action. $135
Hogue EX01 3.5" Green G10 has been used and sharpened once on a sharpmaker. Dead center and super super smooth. $sold
Bastinelli Creations BBR2 Brand new, never used or carried. $150
DPX Hest. Perfect centering, early lockup, carried but never used. $125