Price Drops!!! LT Wright and other fixed blades. Got too many need to liquidate.

over 2 years ago
Price Drops!!!  LT Wright and other fixed blades.  Got too many need to liquidate.
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Toledo, Ohio

I have several blades I'm looking to sell I have too many and it's time to let some go to people who will use them.
If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at tjroberts27 at gmail dot com.
Thanks for looking.
All prices are shipped and include Paypal fees.
First is a Becker BK-16.
It's been stripped and has a Sagewood Gear Scout Sheath along with the Vertical Carry Conversion attachment.
I also have the original sheath.
Also has the Becker Micarta scales.
Great knife.
Looking for $sold.
Next up is a Boker Plus Coye Ridgeback Knife Black G-10 (3.38" Smokewash) with Armordillo Concealment Sheath.
Knife and sheath are brand new.
I haven't cut a thing or carried them.
I bought both and decided it wasn't the way I wanted to go with my EDC.
Looking for $75.
Next is a Jeff White Bush Knife.
Excellent condition.
I've never had it out in the bush.
I got it secondhand however.
Comes with a Pahthfinder dangler sheath.
Looking for $sold.
LT Wright Knives Bushcrafter HC.
Got this secondhand.
In excellent condition.
Didn't come with a sheath when I received it so I put it in a spare Condor sheath I had.
Looking for $70.
LT Wright Camp MUK.
Again got this secondhand.
It's also in excellent condition.
Comes with original sheath.
Typical LT Wright quality.
Great knife.
Looking for $120.
LT Wright Next Gen.
Once again secondhand.
Sheath has been wet formed.
Great little knife.
This one I'd keep but I have so many in this size range...
Looking for $105.
Finally saved the best for last.
LT Wright Genesis.
Ironwood Scales and DWX Sheath.
This knife is brand new.
I got it from a guy who said he had only cut paper with it and that was it.
It's a gorgeous knife I just can't bring myself to use it.
It's too pretty for me.
I have the original box which was signed by a few of the employees.
Need $280 out of this one.
Thanks again for looking.
Not really looking for trades at this time.

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