** SOLD ** Boker Vox Rold D2 blade

over 2 years ago
** SOLD ** Boker Vox Rold D2 blade
Gary W. Graley
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Northeastern PA

D2 Blade Boker Vox Rold
Recently picked this up off the forums but looking for something slightly smaller/different so off she goes.
There isn't the box with this and it did not have a clip when I got it as it was missing when the other person had it, but, I have a tek lok clip that works pretty well.
I have it setup as a cross draw sheath, the clip is mounted with some pieces of rubberized cork as spacers and some allen screws and nuts to fasten, so it's not your standard type hard ware, but, it holds secure.
Price shipped in the USA $85.....$80......, Price drop to $75 shipped in the USA
payment by US Postal money order or check if I know you.
I'm sorry but I do NOT have paypal.
Knife has been sharpened by me to it's betterment, she's quite sharp now.
The spine of the knife is just slightly proud of the scales, you can just feel it, but it doesn't affect it's use at all that I can feel.
Here are a few images of the knife and sheath
A nice paracord lanyard I made with a decorative bead that you can use as a keeper
Slide the bead up to your wrist, it will help keep the lanyard in place while you use the knife.
Thanks for checking,

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