» WTT my Cold Steel Espada (Polished)

about 2 years ago
» WTT my Cold Steel Espada (Polished)
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Cold Steel Large Esapda (Fancier version
not plain G10)
This is a huge knife in terms of blade and handle length, but I have enjoyed carrying it since I find it very low weight, with a slim profile for a knife this big.
I have not cut anything with it except my finger when hand applying some Flitz polish.
Normal carry wear on bolsters (I think this could be buffed out).
This is the deluxe version with a polished blade, and polished G10 scales.
I have always liked knives with large scales to fit my big hands.
If you like that too, I think this would suit you well.
Check any blade length limits before carrying this.
I would like to trade for one of the following:
Emerson Patriot, CQC 15 or 13, Super Commander
Boker Stingray
ZT 0300 a/o series
ZT 0200 Satin blade

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