HUGE DISCOUNT!!!! Brand New Custom AB Coltellerie Italian Stiletto

almost 5 years ago
HUGE DISCOUNT!!!! Brand New Custom AB Coltellerie Italian Stiletto
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Maniago Italy

Hey guys,
I have a brand new custom made AB Coltellerie Italian stiletto. I had it custom ordered directly from Maniago Italy.
The overall length is 9" with a 4" blade. I had the blade made from ATS34 steel. Most Italian Stilettos come with not so great blade steel and ATS34 is my favorite so I had that done. I had a full flat grind done for extra cutting power. I had the blade then finished with an extra high polish mirror finish. Most Stilettos come with a mirror finish but nothing like this and I wanted to still retain the beauty of a Stiletto. I asked for a red you're dead red dot safety. I had polymer ebony scales put on instead of standard black acrylic scales. I asked Renza; the maker, to make the blade fire as hard as possible and that's exactly what he did. Most stilettos just go "click", but this one goes "THWACK!!" I asked for the knife to have rock solid lockup just like a high quality American made side opening auto and Renza did an excellent job on that. I don't know how he did it but he did. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the bolsters. There is no blade play whatsoever as opposed to most Stilettos that have tons of blade play. And finally, I asked for a razor sharp edge as opposed to most Stilettos that come dull or even completely unsharpened. So in a nutshell, I had a Rob Dalton wearing an Italian Stiletto Costume made. That's how I like to think of it anyways. Because that's essentially what you're getting with this. It is an actual hardcore auto, as opposed to typical Stilettos that are more just for display and are essentially useless when it comes to using them. This knife could kick some of the more popular auto's asses if it came right down to it. It's full functioning insanity. I still wanted a display item, but I also wanted a hardcore heavy duty auto that has the same looks as the gorgeous Italian Stilettos. And it is still a genuine Italian Stiletto as mentioned above. It's just that it actually functions more like a heavy duty auto and less like a display item. And there is definitely a price to pay when asking an Italian maker to do this for you.
It doesn't get any better than this guys. This is the very top tear of quality when it comes to Italian Stilettos. You will never find another Stiletto like this because most Italian Stiletto collectors aren't having theirs built to be tough as nails like I did. They have a slightly different agenda and not so much a hardcore automatic knife mentality. It's a whole different world but I wanted a tough as nails auto that still retains the beauty of a typical Italian Stiletto, and that's exactly what I got.
I bought this beauty for closer to $250 but I'm seriously strapped for cash so I am going to offer a heavy duty discount on a heavy duty knife.
I am selling this knife for this price because I'm honestly strapped for cash and need it fast. There is no other reason why someone would sell this period unless they were truly in need of some money to sustain themselves.
It honestly doesn't get any better than this. This is at the top of the pyramid and is truly one of a kind. Out of all the Italian Stilettos I own, this is the one that is a hardcore heavy duty auto that's tough as nails. A beautifully gorgeous heavy duty auto no less. Whether you want it for EDC, Heavy Duty Use, Tactical Use, Or just as a piece of art to put on display, this is it.
Here are the pics. Some of them aren't as crystal clear as they should be. But since I'm flat broke, I don't own a decent camera. That's just life.