Microtech Makora FireAnt- RED - D/E (1plain/1serr.)-BLACK BLADE/TACTICAL

over 4 years ago
Microtech Makora FireAnt- RED - D/E (1plain/1serr.)-BLACK BLADE/TACTICAL
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Alright, ladies and gents,
A knife came up unexpectedly that I would like to claim. So I am listing a knife for sale that I may regret later listing...BUT because I want to claim the one knife tonight, I may be willing to cut a deal/take an offs that I otherwise might not.
-BECAUSE I am racing the clock, (and maybe other bidders), if the target knife sells, then I reserve the right to withdraw this knife from sale at any time.
Microtech Makora Fireant - Red handle - D/E (1Plain/1Serr.)
Like new. 2nd owner, but both he and I have never carried, used to cut, sharpened or stropped it (completely factory edge), nor lubed. She is literally, as she came from the factory. Both he and I are collectors, and this was definitely a collected piece never used. Previous owner had an authorized dealership hat he closed a few years back,& this is from his personal collection. --it was never in shop being handled or fired, or displayed. It has only been out for his pictures and mine.-and according to him has probably been fired less than a dozen times.-still had factory lube on blade!-IT IS DEAD MINT!-and you WILL NOT come across one in this condition again.
--as a collector of black blades, often autos have firing marks because of the tight tolerances -that IS NOT te case here, she is pristine. Please see pics for best representation of condition.
Comes with original Microtech box and outer sleeve, microtech sheath, and the microtech catalogs and marketing materials it came with. it of course, Has never been registered or in for service of any kind (see above).
By buying you are stating:
-you can own, buy, and carry this knife.
-you are aware of any local statutes or laws that apply, and assume full responsibility.
I reserve the right to sell to any buyer of my choosing, and may refuse to sell to any buyer of my choosing.
Any fund transfers will be done via Paypal.
I pay to ship priority mail trackable to your door.
Only trades considered (some from list may be + or - cash)
-Benchmade 47a or 47as
-Alpha Beast's
-VG-10 Szabofly's
-limited edition Benchmade 51's
-have a soft spot for BM morpho's with black blade.(must be absolutely mint/flawless, though.)
This knife has been listed on other forums.
**** Like I said earlier- if payment can be in time for me to claim a knife I really really want(as in the next hour or two) -then I will make a deal that i would not otherwise ever even consider...if the knife that motivated me to post this sells-then I will withdraw it, or hold/sit on it until I get what I feel it is worth.
So if you can pay now, make an offer..you might be surprised.*****
This thread will be updated to show current status.
Email is quickest, but PM's work also(I just can't send pics via PM, can't figure it out.-lol-sorry.)
I have seen these sell from anywhere between $425 and $600 depending in condition, and you likely won't come across one this pristine anytime soon.
Ill start the approximate, and possibly negotiable (see above timing of tonight),asking price at $515 And thats where I pay priority trackable shipping, and eat all fees.
**HOWEVER- I AM WELCOMING OFFERS until my target is sold (or bought by me)...**
Thanks for reading-