Near Mint Condition Tachyon 2 and Metalmark For Sale

over 2 years ago
Near Mint Condition Tachyon 2 and Metalmark For Sale
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Let me know if you have any questions. More pictures or specs can be posted if requested. Feel free to contact me about the listing. I can be reached through email and private message and I also check my threads fairly often. Prices include shipping and Paypal fees in the Lower 48. Thanks for your time.
Both balisongs are very close to mint condition. There are small spots on the safe handles of both knives where the coating rubbed off when it came in contact with the latch when closing. Neither have been flipped, carried, used, or dropped. The Metalmark comes with all the original packaging and paperwork. The Tachyon II is missing the pouch and the sleeve that fits over the box but comes with the paperwork.
Microtech Tachyon II - stonewashed, tanto, partially serrated - $515 Shipped or $500 F&F
Microtech Metalmark - plain, satin, black aluminum handles - $260 Shipped or $250 F&F

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