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about 2 years ago
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Letting a few go. Prices are net to me and shipping is included. Willing to bundle and make deals as well as trade. Looking to trade for GEC knives, specifically a Talon and a Texas Camp Knife. Always open to Emersons as a trade.
Open to trade and cash offers.
Mediterranean Blue Damascus teardrop: TRADED
Pocket Worn harvest bone Grand Daddy Barlow: $70
Lime green Texas Jack: $60
Stag Barlow: $100
PW Turquoise Eisenhower: SOLD
Purple Copperlock: SOLD
Chestnut Gunstock: $60
PW Red mini trapper: SOLD
Persimmon orange shot show Sod buster jr: TRADED
PW Bermuda mid folding Hunter w/pocket clip:SOLD
Please email me at Roninusmc@yahoo.com for offers as I do not check here often.