Emerson A-100

over 2 years ago
Emerson A-100
damascus blades
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I got this in trade.
The knife is used and has been sharpened.
The edge was sharpened along the same profile as original.
This is a back spacer model.
Lock up is tight and secure and the action is smooth.
The clip has two spots where it had some goofy looking shell casings bonded to it, but they looked ridiculous on a knife clip so I took them off.
This would make a good user for someone who doesn't want to spend the money for a brand new one.
The centering is very good and lock up is right in the middle of the lock face.
If you need any additional pics from different angles or specific parts, let me know.
This is CONUS and PayPal only and all fees and fully insured shipping is on me.
I am asking $135 TYD.