2 Tabers & a Bret Dowell

over 2 years ago
FS: 2 Tabers & a Bret Dowell
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Boston, MA

These are all new and never used or carried.
Pricing is firm and discounted based on what I paid in an effort to sell them.
The asking price is NET to me via PayPal - fees and shipping included.
Please comment below and follow up with a PM immediately as I get those faster.
David Taber (Dr T) Swayback in Caramel Streaked Ivory -
Asking $400 NET
(Photo credit goes to existing owner)
Blade is centered.
Comes with COA
David Taber (Dr. T) Barlow w. Long Pull w/ Mammoth Ivory Scales
- Asking $450 NET
Comes with COA
For sale is a gorgeous Dowell in mammoth with great blue, black and brown mammoth bark scales. Perfect taper & radius,perfect thickness. Outstanding fit & finish Clip point blade has a great cut in swedge,long pull,hollow ground thin & sharp . Stainless steel bolster is pinched. Stainless steel double bomb shield is perfectly inlaid. Stainless steel liners are mill relieved & other pins are ss as well. The action is very smooth & snappy,a perfect 5+ to 6 pull but not much harder than 6,I'd say. .This knife measures 4.25" closed,it has a 3.25" blade,and opened up it measures 7.5".
The knife is brand new.
Asking $650 NET