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» Hubertus Lever Locks
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Hubertus lever locks for sale. All of them fire. A couple of the smaller ones could use some oil. The rest are very smooth. They are in good shape.
From left to right:
225 or the big one. In excellent condition the best out of all of them. Never carried.
200 for the linen micarta. This one is from the 70s. Excellent condition.
175 for the deer stag in the middle. Great shape.
150 for the other deer stag. Has slight wear from carry.
100 for the smallest one that has been carried and used quite a bit.
I only have one box that will come with either the linen micarta or middle deer stag. Whichever sells first will come with it.
All prices are SHIPPED. Paypal only G&S.
I am interested in trades for CRK knives and other mid techs. Specifically looking for a Small Sebenza 21.
Thanks for looking and PM me with any questions or for more pics!
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