WTS: Benchmade 520-1101 Presidio with custom anodized scales

over 2 years ago
WTS:  Benchmade 520-1101 Presidio with custom anodized scales
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Emporia, KS

I'm putting up my custom anodized 520-1101 for sale to fund an OTF (haven't settled on a HK Turmoil, UTX-85, or Ultratech). It's a user, obviously, as I don't keep safe queens. My wife had it custom anodized for me to make it easier to see if I set it down when hunting/camping. Other knives have filled that role, and my wife graciously said she wouldn't be upset if I sold it. I have sharpened it to 17 per side on my Edge Pro up to 600 grit, then stropped with a balsa plate. It's lubricated with a WeaponShield/Nano Oil mixture. Yes, the deep carry clip comes with it, and I can throw in a standard clip if you prefer.
I'm asking $175, shipped insured tyd, or I'm willing to trade it for one of the mentioned OTFs or a 940-1501 with a little bit of cash on my end if necessary. I've tried to show all of the flaws, and with my 16MP camera, the nicks and scratches end up looking worse in the pictures than in person (I would rather you say it looks better than described than be unhappily surprised). I accept USPS Money Order, or if you must, PayPal Goods & Services -- NOT Friends & Family (don't lose your buyer protection!).

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