PRICE DROP Strider SNG S110v, Strider DB 3v steel, and UTX85 in m390

over 2 years ago
PRICE DROP Strider SNG S110v, Strider DB 3v steel, and UTX85 in m390
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Strider sng Lego in s110v steel. This one is a user! The previous owner did a terrible job sharpening it- I cleaned the edge up on my edge pro- I basically just had to lay the edge back farther then I normally set my knives. It could definitely be touched up again at this point. The scale appears to have been coyote brown at one point then dyed black. It's very hard to see but you can make out a little brown in direct sunlight ONLY on the backspacer part and on the inside. Again it's hard to even notice - but full disclosure. Rit dye is available almost anywhere and is very cheap... Would be easy to finish dying it. Smooth action, solid in all directions. Locks up around 50-60%. Centering is SLIGHTLY off towards the scale side- if I didn't mention it you probably wouldn't notice ((but again- full disclosure ))
So basically it could use a sharpening and in the right light you might be able to make out some brown on certain spots of the scale ...
THE GOOD is that it's a solid, smooth, s110v SNG you won't be afraid to use
$290 net
PayPal only- immediate payment expected. I can not hold.
USA only
No trades
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