Fully Customized Warrior

almost 3 years ago
Fully Customized Warrior
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RS Warrior
Dallas, Texas

It's heartbreaking to say this but I need to sell my '05 Warrior. With two kids in college, the bike will bring another semester. Before I hit eBay or Craig's list, I'm giving RSW Forum members a right of first refusal.
Almost everything on the bike has been modified or customized, except the drive train to maintain mechanical integrity. Major features are the 240 rear tire, the adjustable air ride suspension that raises/lowers the custom rear fender about 4.5 inches, internal throttle, alligator seat, aftermarket hand and foot controls, lots of chrome, and custom paint. My RSW profile has a description that lists some of the modifications.
I don't have a target price in mind but it's going to be more than what a stock '05 will bring. I know what I put into the bike but don't know what it will bring. The bike and I are in Dallas, Texas, where the buyer must pick up the bike or arrange shipping. If you're seriously interested, PM me and I'll answer any questions.