2000.5 Aprilia Mille RSV R

8 months ago
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Bay Area Riders Forum
San Francisco, CA

Hey there
I have had this bike for 5 years.
Approximately 3 years ago, it was stolen out of my garage and recovered about a week afterwards.
The people who stole it, rattle-canned the bike and I ended up getting a salvage title out of it.
I had thought that I would convert it into a track bike, but never have gotten around to it (and I don't think i ever will).
It hasn't been registered since it was stolen.
Before I go through the process of registering it, I thought I'd put it up here and see if it gets any interest for a track bike.
I am asking $2000 for the bike.
LeoVince Exhaust pipe (stock pipe included)
Its on a battery tender and I start it up on a weekly basis.
1% goes to BARF