NEW 2007 Aprilia SXV450 FOR SALE

about 1 year ago
NEW 2007 Aprilia SXV450 FOR SALE
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I picked up this new 2007 SXV450 from a dealer in Oakland, Ca a few months back with the intention of using the motor for my Suzuki/Aprilia SXV road race bike. When I got it home I immediately realized it would be a crime to break this perfect bike up into parts to sell off and just keep the motor. This SXV450 was one of the bikes that sat at a dealership back in 2007 and when all the panic set in with the dreaded orange case sealant the factory rep came by the dealership and grinded off the VIN# and told the dealer this is now a "Parts Bike" that could never be sold. Flash forward to 2017 and it was sold to me complete as you see in the picture. I picked up a used and titled frame from a guy in Massachusetts and now the bike is almost ready to be put into service. If you are reading this post you probably already know about the issues with the very first SXV's that arrived to the States back in 2007. The engine will need to be pulled from the chassis and have the cases re-sealed and have a couple updates done. Once that is complete you will have literally a zero mile brand new SXV450 that will be reliable and good to go. At the time when you are doing the engine work you could swap out the main frame and you would have a ready to go street titled SXV. The frame on the bike now literally has no VIN, you might be able to have the CHP assign the frame a VIN (It worked for me on another SXV parts bike). Again the bike is new and perfect the only thing missing is the two little side panels (the ones that go from the back of the tank to the rear fender) they were removed and the bodywork graphics are peeling up at the edges, other than that is is new. The SXV450 is $4250 (what I paid for the bike) and the titled frame if you want it is $750. (cost $900 to get it to Cali.)
I have a ton of experience with the SXV's so I can help you get this bike to be dead reliable and have a great ownership experience.
PM me at if you want to discus.