1984 GPz 750

about 5 years ago
1984 GPz 750
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Hey all. I've got a 1984 GPz 750 for sale. 28.9 K miles. All OEM, down to the toolkit. It has a few blemishes, but I think it a worthy candidate for a serious-minded restorer
From 2000 to 2004 this was my daily rider. In 2004, my girlfriend squeezed a tiny human out of her privates, which really cut into my riding time. The bike sat for eight and a half years, until now. Getting it roadable has meant gapping the valve clearances, cleaning the carbs, replacing the battery, and replacing the oil and filter. I have done the mechanical stuff I feel competent to do, and I hope you have the cosmetic abilities to take this historic steed to the next level.
It is 100% OEM, stock exhaust, airbox and filter, stock jets, side and center stand both on there. All the lights light up. The tank is not dented, all the plastic is in good shape, and the paint is original. I do not have the Yuasa battery probe, but then again, no one does. As you can see from the photos, the bike has 2013 tags, for which I shelled out an ass-pile of money because I was too stupid to non-op it. It is road legal, so there'll be no bullshit from me about it being "out of the system." I paid for that mistake; you don't have to. I am the third owner, and I can tell you that at least as far back as 1999, this bike has not spent a night outdoors.
Extras: Lockhart lower, ATK fork brace. I just machined and press-fit a magnet into the drain plug. Comes with a Clymer manual, two oil filters, miscellaneous bits and pieces, and some extra valve shims if I can find them...
To characterize the big issues, there's one quarter-sized paint penetration on the tank, and the rear fender half is damaged. There is a three-inch rip at the rear of the saddle. Because it is an OEM seat skin, I am kicking the decision of how to address the issue forward to the buyer, whom I trust to knows better than I how to repair it. Other than that, it's the sort of wear you'd expect on a 28.8-Kmile bike pushing 30 years of age. Moderate brake fluid corrosion damage front and rear. Usual boot wear around the pegs. There is light pitting, evidence of driveway drops on both the alternator and ignition sensor covers; neither of these rashes is deep or anywhere near the crankcase halves.
I am asking $2500, and am open to discussing trades + cash for a running, straight-framed streetbike in the 250-550 cc range for a cafe project.

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