ATK 605 project

over 3 years ago
ATK 605 project
Available on
Bay Area Riders Forum
atop the parapet

$950, firm
miles, who knows.
original gages gone
PM if serious
this used to be Cafe Racer's atk.
i got it off of the guy he sold it to, kingmoochr in a partial trade with dreams of returning it to the sheetiron with my virgin behind on the saddle but... anyway time and circumstances... i'm not getting to this any time soon.
the title is still in his name, reg is current through june i think.
it needs work, consider the pics from Cafe Racer teasers.
it is in similar shape with problems
-electrical all seems to work.
i have spun it over briefly on the starter
-has all the trick bits these bikes are known for.
talon hubs, WP suspension front and rear, brembo brakes, single sided chromoly frame, chromoly swingarm
rear shock bushings
carb fixing/throttle cable (have not investigated, spare carb included)
subframe welding
timing belt change for piece of mind (included)
chain (included)
fork seals, and thus brake pads
license plate is in my posession, though an attachment scheme needs to be created.
blinkers are
missing, wiring present and confirmed to work
this is a subframe mounting tab.
it is broken.
it is part of the structure that holds the seat subframe and footpeg subframe to the engine, which is a stressed member.
it DOES NOT hold the swingarm on even though it's attached to the swingarm pivot.
you can also see that the chain is mostly made of rust.
a new one is included.
spare subframe and swingarm, both of which are nearly unobtanium and in great shape
coolness: the swingarm has been reinforced already, as they are famous for cracking at the kickstand (never do anything but prop up the bike and the bike alone, with the kickstand)
trades: probably not, unless it's cool enough that beau would be envious

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