Honda Rebel 450

over 3 years ago
Honda Rebel 450
Atlas Honda
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Great beginner bike. Located in Reno - and no I can't deliver at this time. Too busy playing with other things. Full restoration done by previous owner who lost interest. I simply finished it up and got it running well. Always wanted one. Now I've tried it. Grab it while you can.
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Rebel CMX450 in very good nearly fully restored condition. Nearly every bit has been replaced, refinished, or serviced. About 29,000 miles and climbing. Low seat height, good power, 6 speed transmission (6th is an overdrive), light weight and easy handling. Unlike the 250 cruisers, this thing is totally happy on the freeway with power to pass when needed. This makes a fantastic bike for the vertically challenged or newer rider, with more than enough power and great handling to please the experienced.
The good (she's ready to ride!)
New battery, air filter, seats, fresh fork seals, fresh oil, chain, carb service, petcock, and more
Fresh paint and powder coated frame & swing arm
Several bits rechromed
All lights work
Starts easy and runs well
Shifts perfect - strong clutch
Rides excellent
Clean title
The bad (full disclosure):
Small oil leak from filter cage - new seal included, swap it at next oil change
(didn't have one on hand so reused existing seal at oil change, bad call)
Rusty front spokes
Minor exhaust leak when cold - new exhaust gaskets included
The OverDrive indicator is on in every gear - this means it has been assembled with the wrong washer below it. I don't have time to shim it and personally don't care to have a light tell me when I'm in overdrive, but technically it is wrong. Add a thin washer to the easily accessed neutral/overdrive sensor and it will be sorted.
A touch cold blooded
Front master cylinder seemed funky after bleeding. Tied the lever to the bar for 48 hours and seems fine now.
Tank paint is just so-so
Hey, whadya expect for $1500
I've gone over most of it with wrenches and tested to make sure the PO torqued everything up, but not all of it. Since it was a full disassemble and restore, the smart buyer will do so once more to be sure they understand their ride, but pretty sure it's all good to go.
Asking $1500 but a solid BARF-er will do better.
Trades? folding things are great trades - 15 of them would be good - but I'm always going 100 directions so try me.
% to BARF as usual if sold here