2006 bmw k1200s ICBM

almost 4 years ago
2006 bmw k1200s ICBM
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2006 BMW K1200S
I've been scooting around on this glorious K bike for the past 5k miles and recently became reacquainted with the joys of knee surgery, both economically and physically. This has some bearing on why I'm selling. I also am looking for something better suited to life below 100mph and, once healed, get an adventure bike.
My short commute Oakland>SF on this is almost heresy. Putting down miles is this bike's specialty. That and rocketing to ludicrous speed. Also, the suspension is superlative and allows this bike to keep the 'sport' in sport-touring.
Of note is the Hossack front-end. I found this bike to handle amazingly two-up, and the lack of brake dive really makes a difference when riding with a pillion.
Clean title
Currently at 78,783 miles. (exceedingly well maintained by past owner)
Full Wilbers shock conversion with manual preload adjuster on the rear
BMW sidebags and rear rack
Fancy Wunderlich adjustable levers
BMW Heated grips
Akrapovic Ti Carbon muffler
BMW OEM muffler
Custom Paint job
Dirty Laundry:
1. Bike ran like doodoo butter when I first bought it earlier this year. I had BMW bring it up to date on warranty fixes and update the software, but the snatchy throttle persisted albeit at less magnitude. I then cleared the charcoal filter vent line and replaced the oxygen sensor. Blam! The motor is a freight train and doesn't fall on its face at stoplights.
2. Fairings have the usual daily driver scruffs and small cracks.
3. The Akra pipe and seat have some sweet aluminum duct tape to fix a hole and bad stapling respectively.