2009 bmw 1200 rt

over 3 years ago
2009 bmw 1200 rt
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alright h8ters,
here we go:
up for sale now is the ulimate tourer, aka B(ring) M(ore) W(allet) 1200 RT. It comes in the fastest of all colors, grey. As we all know, BMW does grey pretty well. If they had mixed in any yellow, the seller would claim this to be the ultra-limited 'bumblebee' edition,
however the BMW faithful know that such edition would require the seat to be made out of whalep*** leather, and since that is always in short supply (because it's also used for the BMW riders gear), ... ahem I digress...
Anyways, I pulled this bike out of a garage in Phoenix about a long time ago, sporting a low low 800 mls. Guy was getting a divorce, and he was unloading his entire collection. Since then, it has been part of my collection. No I'm not getting a divorce (at least not that I know of as of right now). Instead, like any other mid 40 year old, I just need to upgrade to the 2015 model to keep up with the neighbor. He's got the bumblebee edition btw.
This bike has served me well and has left me stranded only occasionally. Since I get all maintenance done at the dealer, reliability is not really an issue. Plus the shop happily hands out a
loaner, and as the saying goes, the fastest bike is always the one you don't have to pay for. Of course, crackslist sellers usually claim 'this bike will go at least 6 gazillion miles before blowing up', but in reality, my guess is it will be difficult to accumulate such mileage since there's a starbucks on every corner now, and starbucks is where most rides end anyways.
Not for me though, my rides usually go to Alice's, which is why I now need more HP to make up for the added weight of all those delicious Harley burgers. In all fairness, that is the only Harley branded thing I will ever consider. The Honda burger is not bad either.
So that you know (and if you're still with me), this is the bike the CHP rode, before they went all cheap and bought Kawaskis. Ask the BARF resident Leo's how they feel about that. This has all sort of nasty side effects, like people in the left lane slamming the brakes once you show up in their rear view mirror, even if they already going only 40 mph or so. Yes I'm looking at you, Prius-all-electric driver, which is even worse than a Prius-sometimes-on-gas, and almost as bad as any other zombie-mobile on 580.
So here's what's up:
- has 14,500 mls, will go at least 6 Bazillion miles without refilling the unobtainium
- second owner, past midlife crisis already (which got me a street triple)
- has cylinder guards
- has heated seats, front and back (happy wife, happy life)
- newish tires, with almost no chicken strips left (important if you want to be taken serious @ alice's)
- has ESA, heated grips, no radio
- has 6K service done, 12K service done
- has original, massively overprized BMW trunk (not in picture, looks absolutely ridiculous, used only once)
- has scratches on top of the right sidecase
- has a big fat scratch on top of the left case. this is from case opening while cornering at full tilt. lost all the stuff that was in there, which got stolen before I was able to turn around and pick it up, maybe 30 seconds or so. Yes i live close to Tracy
- has approx. 20 million dead flies up front, which gives the equivalent street creed of riding from Anchorage to Ushuaia, via Moscow.
- has not been crashed or laid-down, not at 5MPH, not in the driveway, not at the stop sign, not in Ushuaia, and not in any other possible way. sorry to disappoint.
- has definitely not been stunted or turbo'ed
- bike requires you to wear a bright yellow jacket, or better an even brighter yellow helmet made by Schuberth. Bike will not start otherwise.
- I can throw in an ADV sticker. No, not really.
I'm asking $12,500. Which is in line with market pricing, unless you find a bumblebee edition, which will run at least $12,500,000.
No seriously, I need to buy a '15 RT. So that my wife can give it to me for X-MAS. Somebody please take this off of my hands.
cheers, and sunny side up.