Trade Bait: My '93 900SS for a bke I can ride!

over 7 years ago
Trade Bait: My '93 900SS for a bke I can ride!
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I wanted one of these so bad when I was 30, and now that's it's twenty years later I can have one...unfortunately I'm not 30 any more.
I love it but I can't ride it. My hips and neck can't take the riding position for more than a couple hours at a time, so I'm offering it up for possible trade for something less "committed".
It's a nice, unmolested and very stock '93 900SS w/ 23k on the odometer. It runs terrific and handles like one of these should - Great.
Got an Elephant? A Gran Canyon? ...something clean and reliable.
I don't "want" or "need" to get rid of this, it can sit in my living room, but after spending three weeks on a new Multi, I miss the ease of a non-hunchy riding position. I'd like to stick with a Ducati/Cagiva product to replace this.
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