2013 RSV4-R Track Bike in a Box

over 1 year ago
2013 RSV4-R Track Bike in a Box
CH Racing
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It is with great hesitation that I finally put up my 2013 RSV4-R track bike for sale. Its not so much the cost of having a child that keeps you from tracking, its the time. None the less, its a fantastic machine in truly flawless condition. About 4900 miles (maybe 300 of them track miles), with no mechanical, structural, or major cosmetic issues. ENTIRELY garage kept its entire life without ever seeing a single rainy day. Never been down since it left the showroom floor either. Regularly scheduled maintenance while it was a street bike, followed by full synthetic oil changes at the start of every track season including extensive pre-checks by Aprilia San Francisco once it was converted to track. Just took the bike out over thanksgiving and pulls as hard as ever.
Here is a list of upgrades:
MotoX Ricambi Fiberglass Race Fairings with fasteners and race screen
RSV4 Factory Carbon Front Fender
Akrapovic Carbon/Titanium Slip-on with silencer (for Laguna)
Factory Aprilia Race ECU
Dunlop KR451 Race Tires with two track days on them
Front-1/Rear+2 gearing from AF1 Racing
Domino Race Throttle (same company Aprilia uses for controls) with interchangeable spools
Race APRC Control Buttons
TechSpec Snakeskin Tank Grips
Factory seat foam shaved 2mm (incredible feeling of being "in" the bike instead of on it)
In addition to the bike itself, comes with a kit with virtually everything you need to get started in track days. Which includes:
New in box Torque Wrench
Front and rear Axel Nuts (40mm and 42mm I believe)
Transport Tie Downs
Battery Tender (battery terminal dongle already installed on bike)
Moto-D Tire Warmers with power strip
Front and Rear Pit Stands
Indoor/Outdoor Bike Cover
It really is a great setup in great condition, and am really only 51% sure I want to sell it, though the poor thing only sees action when I run it to flow the fluids and run the battery. Fantastic for someone who wants to get into tracking a superbike with full traction control, wheelie control, launch control, and ABS. The bike has never stepped out on me and still think its the best platform on the market. Posted at $9,800, goes to a good bid and a good home. Thanks guys!