'05 999 for sale

over 4 years ago
'05 999 for sale
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W. North Carolina

2005 Ducati 999 Mono, only 5961 miles, W. North Carolina
This bike is a low mileage base model, but with many upgraded components. It was originally a biposto. In some aspects, it is equal to or surpasses the ?S? model, but it does not have the more powerful S engine. It has been well cared for and I have always kept it inside my home. The bike runs and handles without flaw. The paint is excellent, but is not perfect as you would expect from a bike that is 8 years old. The bike is very clean and there are NO cracks anywhere in the bodywork. The 6k service has already been performed, but I?d recommend another set of belts. Some do not like pipe wrap, but I've found that it really keeps the heat off of your buns--plus I don't store the bike outside. I have already blown the money bolting on expensive parts, so you won?t have to.
I have the stock parts, so it would be easy to bolt them back on and then sell the upgraded items separately. However, I am guessing that there is someone who would much more appreciate the bike in its current form. The bike is a great deal at $9,600. The current price of a low mileage base 999 plus suspension upgrade alone will cost MORE than that.
Ohlins New DU301 set up by Cogent
Ohlins R/T forks set up and serviced by Cogent
Ducati R/T triple tree
New EVR Slipper Clutch Sintered Plates w/ Lithium Upgrade
EVR slave cylinder
EVR sprocket cover
Samco Hose kit red
Case saver
Termignoni half system
STARBLADE AXIS CMC Full Floating Rotors click here:AXIS/CMC??? Rotors (IF you could buy them, they'd be over $2,000 w/o carriers)
Brake Tech Carriers
Ferodo Racing XRAC pads
Speedy Moto Half Clutch Cover
Speedy Moto Frame Sliders
Speedy Moto Axle Sliders
Speedy Moto Slider Spools
Shift-Tech Hugger/Chain Guard
Corse Dynamics Safety Wire Type Aluminum Oil Fill Plug
Corse Dynamics Magnetic Safety Wire Type Drain Plug
LighTech Aluminum Keyless Fuel Cap
Pazzo Racing Short Levers
DP Natural Reservoir covers
Woodcraft 1.5 Inch Clip On Risers/Bars
Motovation Bar End Sliders
Ohlins SD168 Steering Damper
Gilles Adjustable Rear Sets
Marchesini Forged Aluminum Wheels
Techspec Snake Skin Tank Grip
Send me a PM, I will send you my phone number and I can tell you all about it. Pics are here: B C's (ducnoise) Library | Photobucket