2011 RSV4 - APRC, Pearl white, Akra

almost 4 years ago
2011 RSV4 - APRC, Pearl white, Akra
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[Ya, I know there's another one on here, and hefty discounts on new models, but this one is just as good and CHEAP!!!]
Hey barfers, it's getting to be that season again! Time for longer days, tax refunds, and kick-ass new rides. Well, here you go: A fire-breathing, drop-dead gorgeous Italian which can be yours for the meager sum of$9,000 firm
No fighting! Form a line, please!
For the eagle-eyed among you, yes, this is Potere's bike. I bought it from him last year and put about 3k miles on it since then. He tracked it at Laguna Seca but took very good care of it.
And for those who are unfamiliar with these bikes... move on. Hehe for those who've done their research but were never quite convinced, do yourself a favor and ride one of these. Or better yet, come ride mine. Test rides welcome with cash in hand and serious intent. You will want one as soon as you've gone three blocks, trust me.
Please note that this is a 2011, which means it has the full suite of award-winning APRC electronics and paddles for adjustment on the fly. Let's see your pre-2015 liter bike do that! However, ABS was not offered on the RSV4 until 2013(?). Having ridden a current demo model, I can say that I prefer the lever feel of this non-ABS model. So there's that.
I've ridden the S1000RR, current ZX10, and several other liter bikes, and NONE of them make you feel special like this one will. Ya, your Panigale might get more attention and have a pretty color dash, but does it sound like a V8? Cause this bike does with the Akra exhaust.
And the handling! Did I mention the handling? On this bike it's telepathic. You think it, it does it. Chassis is uber stable at lean. Floods you with feedback. Brakes are sublime. You'll swear you can feel each and every power pulse of the V4 firing and digging the rear tire into the road as you accelerate. Point it downrange and grab a handfull. Let the traction control and anti-wheelie take care of the rest. Sweeeeet!
Here are the deets.
- Currently registered
- ~16,000 miles
- Salvage title (see explanation below)
- Valves inspected at 11,000 mi
The good:
- Akra slip-on with two R&G sliders for protection (db insert included)
- Race map loaded, ECU reflashed and derestricted by Scuderia
- Ohlins front cartridge kit
- Ohlins TTX rear shock w/high, low speed comp dampening
- Ohlins steering damper
- Carbon fiber fenders, side panels
- Reinforced shifter
- Tail light integrator, fender eliminator, led license plate light
- Clear Euro front turn signals
- Puig tinted windscreen
- Throttle tamer throttle tube
- New oem grips
- Woodcraft front/rear axle sliders
- R&G Racing left and right case covers/sliders
- Motovation frame sliders with MASSIVE/BURLY machined support brackets
- And of course, the graphics kit and tricolore belly pan
The bad:
- The bike was in a traffic collision with a car conducting an illegal lane change which resulted in cosmetic damage and a salvage title. All damaged items were replaced with genuine OEM Aprilia parts. Bikes looks and rides like new. I would be happy to point out the affected parts/areas of the bike in person. You won't know unless I show you
- The previous owner (Potere) and I both had the oil pan gasket replaced and resealed due to a slight oil weep at the left rear corner of the crankcase. After shelling out the cash for a reseal and having it still leak, I gave up and just put a wrist band around the bracket by the weep to absorb the oil. The weep doesn't affect the oil level at all or get onto the tire or anything else.
The ugly:
- The bike is not in mint, showroom condition, but you could park it front of Starbucks for some pose time and only a few old seasoned geezers would be able to spot the minor scuffs here and there from normal use on a 4 year old machine.
- The only major visible defects are a 1/2" scrape on the left headlight (cause unknown), and a 4-5" horzontal scratch on the left lower bellypan from being loaded into a truck.
Wear items:
- Brake pads: I have had the wheels off but have not checked to see what brand Potere had in there. They have plenty of life left, I believe. (Brake fluid should probably be flushed at some point. Action is fine, just recommended once a year.)
- Tires: Pilot Power 3's, front is worn to 20%, rear is down to the indicators. Both need to be replaced for some serious riding. I would take care of that, but tire choice is highly subjective, so I'll let you choose your own.
- Chain and sprockets: Currently 15/42 (-1/+2) This really helps outy with the tall gearing and is pretty much perfect in conjunction with throttle tamer for most street riding.
- Oil and filter: Just replaced with full synthetic and oem filter at Rockridge Two Wheels.
- Coolant: Replaced 5,000 miles and 2 years ago; probably due for a flush as well. Then again, some people probably go 8 years before changing their coolant, but you wouldn't want to do that to a gorgeous bike like this, would you?
Also included:
- Owner's manual
- Passenger seat
- Passenger footpegs
- OEM Aprilia oil filter
- Spare chipped key
* Bike is located in Potrero Hill in SF.