2013 Hyperstrada (Touring Hypermotard) - Serviced & Ready to Go!

over 1 year ago
2013 Hyperstrada (Touring Hypermotard) - Serviced & Ready to Go!
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Want a supermoto, but dont want the maintenance schedule, tiny tank, and bad highway manners?
Want to do some touring or moto-commuting, but think the sport in sport touring is a lie? This is your bike.
For those unfamiliar, the Ducati Hyperstrada is a Ducati Hypermotard that comes from the factory set up for touring. The engine, suspension (+rear preload adjustment), braking, chassis, electronics, etc are all the same as the Hypermotard 821. Whats different is that it comes with: hard-case panniers + waterproof lining, tall touring windscreen, comfort seat (which really is comfy - and slightly lower), lower pegs, and a center stand.
What this means is take off the panniers and youve got a all the fun of a Hypermotard in the twisties, on the track, or around the city. Throw the panniers on, and you can take this thing the the Grand Canyon and back - as the previous owner did! The first owner was actually another BARFer - Joe Ruck -
so you can ask him about it.
Basic Details:
Title: Clean
Registration: Good through June 2017
Mileage: 35,xxx
Pride: $6,900 OBO
1% to BARF
Significant Recent Maintenance (Major Service, brand new sprocket, chain, battery):
Desmo Service (aka the BIG one - $1000): Completed in October approx 1000 miles ago at Ace Motorsports. Included valve clearance, belts, oil change, plugs, etc.
(FYI this model has the new, longer service intervals - 18,000 miles for valve clearance)
New Superlite 45T Rear Sprocket ($60) & New DID ZVM-X 525 SUPER STREET CHAIN ($250): completed less than 150 miles ago.
Returned the bike to stock gearing, still have the 43T rear quick change sprocket (in good shape) and chain if you want to set it up for freeway.
New Yuasa Battery installed on December 23rd ($150).
New Rear Brake Pads: Installed approx 250 miles ago. Note, it will need a new near disk when these pads go.
Suspension was set up by JPH Suspension in October for a 190 lb rider.
-One of the panniers has a long scratch along it. Its only superficial, still fully functional.
-The right hand guard is scuffed.
- Has minor imperfection here and there, but looks very good.