1980 Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat

about 3 years ago
1980 Yamaha SR250 Cafe/Brat
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I know most barfers aren't into older hardware, but you never know so here you go.
Stripped down 1980 SR250 "Exciter"
I bought this bike a couple of years ago non-running with the intention of turning it into a fun little city brat bike. I wanted to throw most of the Dime City catalog at it.
However other projects kept sucking time and money away from this bike, and it's time to pass it on to someone else.
When I got this bike it did not run. I got it running and took it for a spin around the neighborhood where it promptly sheared the locating pin off of the camshaft. I looked everywhere for a camshaft, and none where to be found. So I ended up buying a whole engine off of ebay. I combined some parts from the original engine, and the new engine to get a running bike again. I have no clue the mileage on the new motor. I installed turn signals. They turn on, but don't flash. I got the brake light working (rear only).
New steering head bearings, new handle bar, new battery, new red chain (in a box not installed), new Emgo exhaust.
Includes but not pictured:
Spare engine (missing a camshaft, clutch frictions, and plates, and some valve tappets)
RD350 Rear wheel. The intention was to install the RD350 wheel which is 18" to match the front, and level the bike out, then add some Firestone vintage tires.
Other useful info:
The shocks I believe are from an XS850. I believe the previous owner did this to raise the rear of the bike. So that means it's way over sprung and rides like a rigid. The seat is some home done recover job and is total shite. The electrics are hidden under the seat and I did my best to clean it all up, but it's still not ideal. The front brake cable is at the end of it's adjustment and should be replaced soon.
The title is the original Wisconsin. It's never been registered in CA, and I didn't bother since it didn't run for most of the time I owned it.
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