2005 Ducati 749 - Clean Title - 15k miles - $5400

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FS: 2005 Ducati 749 - Clean Title - 15k miles - $5400
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I'm selling an 2005 Ducat 749. It has roughly 15k miles on it. As you can see from the picture, all DMV fees paid, tags in 10/2016, and all work done by Desmotosport and City Cycle Werkes.
Bought the bike in August 2015 with a nice body but engine and tires are in rough shape.
It had an overheating and stalling problem.
Took it into City Cycle Werkes where the mechanic, Adam, solved the overheating but couldn't fix the intermittent stalling issue.
So I took it to Desmotosport where they discovered that there's a gap between the valve and the port and the gap is too big to add shims.
So I had to get a new head.
Since the bike was dismantled, it's cheaper for me to replace everything at that time than replace it later.
So I got new, spark plugs, belts, a battery, etc.
The list is below.
Issues fixed by me
-Low beam won't turn on (replaced bulb)
-Front brake won't turn on taillight (replaced switch)
-Difficult to shift to neutral (fixed by replacing shorty levers with aftermarket standard size)
-Losing tire pressure (bought a pair of Michelin Pilot 2CT around the high 13k mile mark)
-Overheating - Fixed by Adam from City Cycle Werkes
-Stalling and loss of power issue - diagnosed and fixed by Desmotosport. Tore the engine apart and got new heads around the 14k miles mark. Also did a valve adjustment and oil change. So next scheduled valve adjustment is at 21k miles.
-Gas leak fixed by Desmotosport.
-Tighten throttle cable to be more responsive by Desmotosport.
-Replaced all missing and stripped bolts by me, City Cycle Werkes, and Desmotosport.
-Replaced missing passenger pegs.
-Chains cleaned and lubed by City Cycle Werkes and me
-New battery by Desmotosport
-New belts by Desmotosport
-New head gasket by Desmotosport
-New fuel pump harness by Desmotosport
-New valve cover gasket by Desmotosport
-New spark plugs by Desmotosport
-New exhaust gasket by Desmotosport
List of Aftermarket Stuff
-Remus exhaust by the previous owner
-CF rear tire hugger by the previous owner
-Exhaust wrap by the previous owner
-Adjustable rear sets by the previous owner
-CF deflector (also have stock deflectors) by the previous owner
-CF solo cowl (also have stock passenger seat) by the previous owner
-tinted windscreen by the previous owner
-CRG full length levers by the previous owner
-Tire pressure sensor cap by the previous owner
-Frame sliders by Desmotosport
-Michelin Pilot 2CT Tires front and back by City Cycle Werkes
Stock Stuff
-Testastretta engine (2005+ model)
-Brembo brakes
-Ohlins front forks
-Dry clutch
-Marchesini wheels
-Ohlins steering dampers
-Two keys. If the bike thinks it's stolen, it'll lock up and you need a special key to unlock it.
-built in factory alarm
-stopwatch built into instrument panel
-quick high beam flash behind the turn signal buttons
-On occasions, at a full stop to moving, there's a drawn out squeaking sound when the wheel starts to rotate.
Then the sound disappears before the wheel finishes its rotation.
I'm not sure what it is.
Like a brake rotor rubbing on somthing?
But it doesn't squeak when braking and it doesn't do it all the time.
Not sure what it is but it sounds like it's coming from the front wheels.
Let me know if you have any questions, and thanks!
Text: 503 810 0502
Email: raymondboscochiu@gmail.com

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