2011 Royal Enfield G5 Classic California

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2011 Royal Enfield G5 Classic California
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Hello there!
This is a 2011 Royal Enfield G5 Classic, California edition, in British Racing Green.
I purchased this bike new in November of 2010, at South Bay Triumph/Royal Enfield in Los Angeles. It was one of the first 100 California certified Royal Enfields produced (they even sent me a certificate to prove it). I rode it up to Marin when I moved here in May 2011, on an amazing 3 day trip up Highway 1. Unfortunately some changes in my life are prompting the sale, this has been an outstanding little bike. I get so many compliments and people interested everywhere I go.
The current odometer reading is 1922 miles. I may ride a few more miles before the sale, will confirm the mileage on inquiry, but it won't increase significantly.
You can read the full specs here: http://www.enfieldmotorcycles.com/mo...lassic-g5.html
The following accessories have been installed:
- Bullet EFI exhaust
- Napoleon bar-end mirrors
- Saddlebag brackets with India-only brown Royal Enfield saddlebags
- Classic Solo Seat with custom brown cover (to match the bags)
- K&N air filter
- Classic British rear turn signals
Also included:
- Original Dual seat
- Original Exhaust
- Original Mirrors
- Gaskets, seals, and filters for 3 more oil changes
- Official Parts Manual
- Official Service Manual
- Master Technician DVD (RE USA's head mechanic takes you through the disassembly and reassembly of a RE UCE engine just like the one on this bike)
- Chain adjuster kit (allows better control of the rear wheel alignment, never installed)
- Additional set of Classic British turn signals (was going to put them on the front, never got around to it)
I've been fairly meticulous about maintenance, though in recent months the bike has just been sitting most of the time in my garage with the battery on a tender. In preparation for the sale I changed the oil again (3rd time, Mobil 1 20w50 full synthetic), flushed the brake fluid, and lubed all cables & chain. All this bike needs is a rider.
This is the same model you can buy new right now, and one of the only model Royal Enfields you can legally register in California. With tax and dealer fees, a new one of these will set you back about $8000. Registration is current on this bike until November 2013.
Now for the bad news, I had a low-speed drop, on the right side, early on in my ownership, and there is still some visible damage (see pics linked below). A quarter-sized dent and small chip in the tank, as well as some scuffs on the front fender. The places where the paint was exposed I just covered with primer to prevent rust. Also the left steering stop on the lower triple-clamp was bent, so the mechanic inserted a small bolt through it to restore the stop point. The steering stop you don't even notice, but am trying to give full disclosure. The handlebar and master cylinder have been replaced as a result of the drop, but are good as new now. There is also a scratch in the paint on the left side cover, which was something I came back to when the bike was parked on the street in LA once, so I can't say for sure what caused it.
Price is $4500 OBO. Cash-only. Test rides allowed with full cash deposit in my hands. You drop it, you bought it.
Located in Fairfax, CA (Marin)
More photos: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/gbnhv0q1i663n7a/vAi_bHWWP3
Happy to answer any questions via PM.
Thanks for looking, and safe riding!