2011 Royal Enfield G5-looking to trade

almost 5 years ago
2011 Royal Enfield G5-looking to trade
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if you like screaming "flight of the valkyre" inside your helmet then this might be the perfect bike for you. i bought this bike for my dad, but he hasnt had time to ride it (or his new wife wont allow it. either way...) ive decided to put it up for trade.
ideally i am looking for a straight across trade for a nice harley or an 07+ japanese sport bike. let me know what you have.
if i had to sell it for cash, id be looking to get around $5,000 for it.
the enfield has a shitload of character and maintenance is simple and easy, unlike its older counterparts. low mileage at 2,000+ on the odometer. if you are interested in taking a look at it or you have a potential trade, pm me and lets work something out.