12 months ago
Factory Bike
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Vancouver, WA

Formerly Alan Cunninghams TWF Race bike.
I bought it in 2015 and had Zlock racing build the bike/motor in the winter of 2015, spring of 2016.
With the exception of the 400 crank, everything else was built to their spec.
If you don't know who they are, you might check them out.
They just set a couple Bonneville records.
Some of the main things,
ZR 2 ring 81mm pistons
ZR SV Race Cams
ZR Race valve set
850 grams off crank
angle mill cyl head
cryo treat crank and trans
L&R side bearing retention
comp cyl head
catch tank
06 gen 2 cases
replaced and or repaired all cables, hoses, electrical, ect...
custom Hindle exhaust
Quick shifter
Penske rear spring front 225lb rider
Runs on 110 fuel, 12,500 redline
Need to warm engine at 3-4k until cases are hot.
Bike has 1 season and 2 weekends this year "8 weekends with 2 races"
and 2 track days on it.
I've attached a couple pictures.
The yellow paint was how I bought the bike.
Thought someone might remember it better that color.
Current body work isn't perfect, but it's functional.
Bike qualifies for LWSB with Omrra,
I'm thinking 5k or trade for a 08 or newer R6.
I'm sure I forgot stuff, so feel free to ask away.
I'll do my best to respond.
It's a great bike for the LWSB class!
VERY Competitive...
I talked to Devon McDonough last round,, if he is at the next Omrra round he's considering going after the lap record for LWSB on it...
The bike can do it and so can he.
I hope it happens!
But if that doesn't happen, the bike will be sitting in my garage until sold.
No title, just a bill of sale.
I can probably track down the bill of sale I got from Alan too.