1978 Italian Garelli VIP

about 3 years ago
1978 Italian Garelli VIP
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Italian Garelli VIP Moped - 550$
1% to teh barfez
Want something loud, slow, red and Italian?! Then this is the moped for you!
From the CL ad:
***Italian 2-speed Garelli VIP rat bike for Very Important Moped Duders***
Sweeet custom Levi's denim upholstered seat with safety-wire stitching. Comes with extra seat that is short and not as comfy but does look a bit nicer.
Awesome 2-speed automatic vertical VIP engine that is kinda slow but will climb up any steep hill eventually unlike some dumb 1-speed E50 Puch.
Nice newish tall (hobbit?) handlebars for that chopperdude comfy ergos.
All new cables (brakes front/rear, clutch and throttle).
Whitewall Sava tires that are pretty damn rad looking but also kinda yellow and covered in grease.
New set of CEV ignition points installed a month ago.
Oil changed regularly with non-detergent 30w (rubber clutches don't like detergent oil!).
This is seriously THE most reliable ped that I've ever had. Much more so than any of my Puchs or Sachs bikes or gasp(!) a French ped! It's slow and it's loud, but it just starts up every time and keeps on going.
Has a cylinder head temp gauge to let you know what your temps are since VIP's run pretty hot (cast iron cylinder) but this thing can be going up the steepest hill with a fatty on it and hit 420-430F and be fine without seizing unlike a dumb Puch. Normal around town temps and smaller hills are more like 280-350F.
There is also an extra stock pipe with a nice BLK heat shield on it that I could mount up for you that would be much quieter than the currently hogged out stock pipe that it has, or you could mount it yourself. Or not.
***BONER BONUS!*** - Comes with extra (much nicer condition) VIP frame that you can swap everything onto to make it much prettier if you like. Woah crazy!
***DOUBLE BONER BONUS*** - Comes with several quarts of non-detergent 30w oil so you can change yer oil every few weeks or month for the next few years for free, yay!
I'm available after 6 PM during the week but not at all this weekend 6/19-21. Special discounts for people who show up on time and are not a pain in the ass to deal with. Special discount available if you live in Oakland and have a photo ID to prove it. Extra super duper special added fees for being dumb and a pain in the ass to deal with. That means you Shenko.

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